How To Install WordPress

how to install wordpress

Are you ready to install WordPress?

In this article, I will show you how to install WordPress using the 1-click WordPress install method.

This is based on using SiteGround for your hosting, however most other hosting companies will have a very similar process.Let’s get started.

Installing WordPress

From your Siteground account, go to the ‘My Accounts’ tab and then click on ‘Go To cPanel’.

access cpanel

Next, click on WordPress in the Autoinstaller section.

install wordpress

Click on the blue install button.

start wordpress install

Fill in the information on the next screen.

software setup

  • Choose Protocol – generally keep – http://
  • Choose Domain – choose your domain name you want to install WordPress on from the choices in the drop-down menu .
  • In Directory – unless you know you want this, leave it blank.

site settings

  • Site Name – This is the name of your blog. You can change this later.
  • Site Description – This is the tag line for your blog. Again, you can change this later.
  • Admin Username – This will be the name you use to log into your WordPress blog (or you can always use email address here)
  • Admin Password – This is the password to access your WordPress backend (your blog’s dashboard). Choose a strong password to prevent hackers from easily accessing your site.
  • Admin email – Enter your email address

rest of install options

  • Choose Theme – Wait until later to install your blog’s theme. In a future post, I will show you where you can find the best themes and how to easily install them!

Click Install and there you go! You have finished installing WordPress.

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