How To Sign Up For SiteGround Hosting

How To Sign Up For SiteGround Hosting

Before you can setup your blog, you are going to need a domain name and hosting.

Honestly you can get a domain name from just about anywhere, but you need to be a little more careful with where you buy your website hosting from.

A good hosting company will:

  • Load your blog pages quickly
  • Have excellent customer service
  • Have one-click WordPress install service
  • Specialize in hosting WordPress sites

The company I recomend

I have build many websites over the past 10+ years and I personally trust and recommend SiteGround because not only do they have reasonable rates but their sites also load lightning fast, they have great customer service and their servers are configured specifically for WordPress.

If you are going to be using WordPress for your blog (and I highly recommend you do) then I also recommend that you take a look at SiteGround for your hosting needs.

In this article, I will show you how to sign up and get started with hosting from SiteGround (as well as get your domain name at the same time).

How To Get Start With SiteGround Hosting

To get started, click here to go to SiteGround and then click “Sign Up.”.

The StartUp plan will be just fine since you are just starting out, you can upgrade your plan at anytime in the future as your business grows.

starter hosting plan

Next enter your domain name and click Proceed

hosting domain name

If you do already own a domain name (because you’ve purchased it through GoDaddy, or someone else), choose ‘I already have a domain’ and at the end of this tutorial you’ll visit your registrar to point the domain name to siteground’s servers.

Next enter your personal details(name, address, etc.) , billing info, and create a password for your account. I recommend you create a strong password as you don’t want any hackers getting into your hosting account.

hosting account setup

Next, you will chose your billing period. If you pay for the entire year then your domain name is free. They do offer month-to-month plans but you will need to cover the cost of your domain name. Since they offer a 30-day money back guarantee, I would recommend going with the yearly plan.

hosting payment options

You can also chose from any additional add-on service packages. I think the only one you may want to consider is the domain privacy. This will hide your personal contact information as the owner of the domain.

Finally, make sure you click the checkbox and agree to the terms of service and click the Pay Now button.

Congrats! You now have website hosting all set up.

Next, learn how to install WordPress on your domain.

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