case study how to get page likesOne of the biggest questions I hear is how do I get more people following my Facebook page?

If you don’t already have a following somewhere else, it can be difficult when starting a brand new Facebook page to get any real traction.

In this case study, you are going to see how we got very targeted new likes at a very low cost for my wife’s Facebook page TheGreenYogini.

The Goal

To build an initial following for a new Facebook page.

Many times when creating a new Facebook page, you may not have an existing following to promote this page to. So the best way to build up an initial following is to run a “page likes” campaign.

Now with the rapid decline in Facebook page reach, many may question why pay for new likes for Facebook pages?

There are still some important reasons why you want to grow your fans for your Facebook page:

  1. “Social Proof” – Believe it or not you will be taken more seriously as a business if you have at least 500-1,000 fans
  2. It is much cheaper to run Facebook ads to your fans versus non-fans, plus these fans will already be somewhat familiar with your brand
  3. When you have fans, you can create Facebook lookalike audiences to target with ads and also run ads to friends of your fans.

The Targeting

For the purposes of this page, we wanted to attract people who were into green smoothies, whole foods, or raw foods. So we used Audience Insights to help build a list of other Facebook pages and interests related to these core interests.

The Ad Campaign

Campaign Objective

We created an ad campaign with the objective of “promote your page”.

The Ad Sets

We created only one Ad Set with a daily budget of $5 and targeting:

  • Location
    • People who live in Australia, United Kingdom or the United States
  • Age
    • 20 – 65+
  • Interests
    • whole food
    • Green Smoothie Girl
    • Green Smoothies
    • Raw Foodism
    • Victoria Boutenko
    • Vitamix
    • Vita-Mix Recipes

We also excluded any existing fans so we weren’t showing our ad to people who already liked our page.

ad targeting

The Ad

We used the ad to further explain what the Facebook page is all about.

page like ad

The Results

So this particular campaign generated 303 new page likes at an average cost of $0.10 per like.

page like ad results

Why It Worked

We used audience insights to find other related high quality interests our ideal target audience would be following to target.

We combined all these interests into one ad set to give Facebook a large enough potential audience to allow their algorithm to automatically find the most likes for the lowest price. Remember when your campaign objective is “promote my page” Facebook is going to optimize for that action and put your ad in front of those people most likely to “like” your page.

We examined the metrics after allowing the ad to runs for a day or two and made adjustments. We discovered the cost-per-like was much higher for desktop ads versus mobile ads, so we stopped running the ad on desktop.

breakdown stats by placement

Key Takeaways

  • Use Facebook’s Audience Insights to find highly related pages/interests to target.
  • Check your ad stats to see if certain genders, ages, locations, ad placements or interests are costing you more per like than others.
  • Ads are the quickest way to quickly grow your page following with targeted followers.

Your Turn

Comment below and let me know what you think of using Facebook ads to grow your pages following. Also, feel free to ask any questions you may have regarding this Facebook ads case study.