9 audiences to target with facebook ads
Facebook Ads give you a multitude of targeting options. At times it can be confusing and overwhelming as to which audiences you should be using as targets for your ads.

In this post I want to share with you 9 effective audiences to target with your ads to generate fantastic results.

#1 All Website Visitors

People who have recently visited your website are some of the most targeted people you can target. In order to target recent website visitors you will need to install a website custom audience pixel on your website, you can learn how to do that in this post here.

When creating a website custom audience, you will need to decide on an audience duration. If you choose a duration of 30 days, this means your audience will contain all website visitors in the last 30 days.

website custom audience creation

The duration can be anywhere from 1-180 days. Consider your website traffic when deciding on your duration. If you get a lot of website traffic, you may want to use a smaller duration. However if your website is currently not getting a lot of visits, you will want to use the max 180 days so that you build a large enough audience to target.

To target a website custom audience with an ad, simply select the website custom audience

selecting a website custom audience

#2 Specific Web Pages

Even better than targeting all website visitors, is targeting those who visit a specific page. While this audience will be way smaller, it will be very targeted.

For example, you may want to target those visitors who visited a particular product page but never bought. You can do this by including a custom audience of people who visited your product page and excluding a custom audience of those who visited the thank you page after purchasing the product.

excluding website custom audiences

#3 Your Entire Email List

After targeting your recent website visitors, the next most targeted prospects would be those on your email list. I often get asked, why would I want to target people if they are already on my list?

Well actually there are a few reason why you would want to target them with ads:

  • Maybe they are on your list but they haven’t bought your product yet
  • Maybe they bought but you now have a new product they may be interested in
  • They may not have opened your email about your latest product or event

To target your email list, you will first need to upload your email list and create a custom audience.

After uploading your email list, you will be able to target them with your ads.

targeting an emai list

#4 Target A Segment of Your Email List

You can easily target all your recent website visitors who have not yet become customers. To do this you will first need to upload your email list of all customers who have bought from you.

When creating your ad. you would target all recent website visitors and exclude your email list of customers.

targeting website visitors who have not bought

#5 Fans

Don’t forget about your fans. This is a very simple group to target and still very effective, assuming you built your fanbase in the correct way and your fans are truly interested in your page.

When targeting your fans, you will typically pay far less than targeting non-fans.

targeting fans

#6 Lookalike Audiences

Facebook has an incredible amount of data about it users, in fact they can probably identify your target customers better than you can. You can leverage this by taking advantage of Lookalike audiences. Facebook can create a much larger lookalike audience based on one of your existing custom audience. This is a great option for those who do not yet have websites that get a lot of traffic or have a large email list.

You will first need to create a lookalike audience and then you can use that audience when targeting your ads.

It is always a good idea to also add some interest targeting along with the lookalike audience so that you ensure you are targeting people who would be interested in your niche.

targeting a lookalike audience

#7 Lookalike Audiences From Your Customers

This is a much more targeted approach to lookalike audiences. Create a Lookalike audience based on those who have converted on your ad, let Facebook find you other potential customers just like the ones who recently converted on your ad.

First you will need to create a lookalike audience and select a conversion pixel as the source.

create lookalike audience from conversion pixel

Finally, select the lookalike audience when you create an ad.

#8 Interests

The oldest and the original of targeting options. With interests you can target by general interests (golf, yoga, social media) or target fans of other fan pages (Yoga Journal, Golf Magazine, Social Media Examiner).

Interest targeting is not the most targeted and effective strategy but is useful for those just getting started when you don’t have a lot of website traffic or a large email list. Done correctly interest targeting can still be very effective. You can use Audience Insights to find relevant pages to target.

interest targeting

#9 Behaviors

Behavior targeting allows you to target people based on what they actually do and what they spend there money on.

With behavior targeting, you can target by:

  • Automotive
  • Charitable Donations
  • Digital Activities
  • Expats
  • Financial
  • Job Role
  • Media
  • Mobile Device User
  • Purchase Behavior
  • Residential Profiles
  • Seasonal and Events
  • Travel

Currently this targeting is only available for targeting people in the US and there are varying reports as to its effectiveness. I suggest you test it out for yourself and see if it works for your particular business.

behavior targeting

Bonus #10 Video Custom Audiences

Facebook has recently rolled out video custom audiences. Now, Facebook will automatically build a custom audience for you from those who have watched a video you have uploaded directly to your page. This is huge because someone who has taken the time to watch one of your videos is obviously a great targeted prospect.

This use to only be available if you achieved a large number of video views with 24 hours, but now this is available to everyone.

Your Turn

Comment below and let me know how use you Facebook targeting options. Which one are your favorites?