how to create an ad with power editorIf you are currently running Facebook Ad campaigns, I would strongly encourage you to start creating your ads with Facebook’s Power Editor.

For months even I refused to use the Power Editor. Personally I found it to be a bit clunky and honestly the user interface could be a bit better.

However, there are several key advantages you get when creating your ads with the Power Editor. I now use the Power Editor to create each and every one of my ads.

In this post, I will show you just how easy it is to create your first ad with the Power Editor.

How To Access The Power Editor

In order to use the Power Editor, you will need to use the Chrome or Safari browser. Start by going to your ads manager and click on Power Editor from the left side navigation.

facebook power editor


If you have not already installed the Power Editor browser extension, you will be prompted to do so. Simply follow the prompts to do this.

After installing the Power Editor extension, you will be prompted to download your ad data into the power editor. This step will simply copy your ads down into the power editor (they will still also be available through the standard Facebook ads interface as well). If for some reason you didn’t see the prompt to download your ad data, simply click the download

download ads to power editor


Creating An Ad with Power Editor

Follow these simple steps to create your ad using the Power Editor.

#1 Create Your Campaign

Access the Power Editor using the steps above or by going to

Make sure you are on the Campaigns tab and click the plus icon

create new campaign

Give your campaign a name and chose your objective.

campaign details


#2 Create Your Ad Set

Click on the Ad Set tab and then click the plus icon to create a new ad set.

create ad set

First select the campaign you want to create the ad set in, this will be the campaign you just created in the step above.

Next give your ad set a name, try to name it according to who you plan to target with the ad group.

Finally if this is a campaign where you want to track conversion, select your conversion pixel.

ad set details

After creating your ad set, scroll down and set your budget, audience targeting, and placement.

ad set options

#3 Create Your Ad

Click on the Ad tab and then click the plus icon to create a new ad.

create new ad

Next select the campaign and ad set you previously created and then give your ad a unique name.

ad options

Click Create to create your ad.

Next you will need to create your ad copy and the options here will vary slightly according to what you choose as your campaign objective.

Below I am showing you a sample ad created for a campaign objective of website conversions.

ad details

Finally you can add additional tracking pixels and this is one of the many reasons why I love to use the Power Editor because currently you can not do this with the standard Facebook Ad creation interface.

adding tracking pixels

Note that tracking pixels are different from the conversion pixel you set at the ad set level. Tracking pixels are used for other actions you want to track.

For example, you may have selected a conversion pixel to track webinar signups. However you could also add a tracking pixel to track sales of the product/service you offer at the end of the webinar. This way you can not only track how successful your ads were at generating webinar signups but also how successful they were at selling your actual product.

Upload Your Changes

This is the most important step, DO NOT forget to upload your changes. Remember with the Power Editor your changes are stored local on your computer and not upload to your Facebook ads account until you upload your changes.

To upload your changes, simply click the Upload button.

upload changes

You will see what changes are about to be uploaded and you can de-select anything you don’t want upload at this time. Click Continue and your changes will be uploaded

upload preview

After the upload is complete, you will be able to review what was upload successfully and be notified if you had any errors.

upload summary

Now It’s Your Turn

Comment below and let me know what your experience was with creating your first ad with the Power Editor. Let me know if you have any questions or if I missed covering anything in this post that would have made the process easier for you.