How To Troubleshoot Your Facebook Ads In 3 Easy Steps
Are you not quite getting the results you were hoping for from with your Facebook ad? Maybe your ad isn’t getting shown as much as you would like or maybe you are paying more per click than you had hoped for?

This post will help you analyze your ad and determine exactly what the issue is and how to fix it.

Note: In order to be able to truly analyze your ad, you will need to be tracking conversions. If you don’t know how to track conversions, check out my blog post The Ultimate Guide To The Facebook Pixel.

Key Metrics To Review

Impressions – “Is my ad actually being shown”

This stat will tell you if and how often your ad is being shown. You don’t really care so much about how many impressions or the cost of an impression but rather just that your ad is getting shown to people.

Clicks – “There is some interest in my offer”

This is an indication that people are actually interested in your offer and want to learn more. Again you are just looking to see that there are clicks and you are not so concerned with how many or the cost-per-click.

Conversions (opt-ins, registrations, or purchases) – “The stat that REALLY matters”

This is the real stat that matters because this indicates that someone saw your ad, was interested enough to click your ad and your message convinced them to opt-in or purchase what you were offering.

Let’s Analyze

Follow the simple 3 steps below to determine where the issue is with your ad and how to fix it

Situation #1 – Are People Seeing Your Ad?

The first thing we need to determine is, are people actually seeing your ad.

To determine this, look at the reach column from your ads dashboard.

ad reach

Possible Problem – Your Audience Is Too Small

When targeting a warm audience, try to refine your targeting to include at least 1,000 people. Try to target at least a few thousand to 1.5 million people for cold audiences. Obviously if you are targeting a local geographic area then the audience size will be much smaller.

estimated ad daily reach

Possible Problem – Your ads have a lot of text

Facebook does not like ads with a lot of text in them. It use to be that they would not get approved, but now you can get them approved but you will get limited distribution if your ad contains too much text.

You can use the this tool to test and ensure your image is within optimal limits.

facebook image text test

Possible Problem – You are using manual bidding and your bid is too low

Try increasing you bid by 50% or even better yet switch it back to automatic. Facebook is very smart and I usually recommend letting them do the bidding, this usually produces the best results.

ad bidding options

Possible Problem – Their is a problem with your ad account

If you checked all the situations above and it has been longer than two days with no impressions then there could be a problem with your ads account. During daily business hours, you can use this chat feature to speak with an ad representative.

Situation #2 – Are people clicking your ad?

Now that you know people are seeing your ad, the next thing to determine is… are they clicking your ad?

Clicks indicate people are interested and responding to your ad. Don’t be too concerned with cost-per-click, but if it’s $3+ then you are probably targeting the wrong audience, your ad image isn’t attention grabbing people’s attention or nobody wants your offer.

You need to keep in mind that there are two different kinds of clicks on Facebook.

Click – A click is when someone clicks on any part of your ad. This could occur if they click the “more” tag to read more of your post or click the like or share button. This type of click does not necessarily mean they went over to your website or landing page.

Link Clicks – Mean someone clicked the link in your ad that took them to your website or landing page.

To see the clicks on your ad, first from your ads dashboard, find the the ‘Columns’ drop-down. Next choose ‘Performance and Clicks’.

performance and clicks


Finally look at the clicks and link clicks columns in your ads dashboard.

click stats

Possible Problem – Your Targeting The Wrong People

Are you sure you are targeting your “ideal” customers only? You want to make sure you are only showing your ad to people who would really be interested in your offer. If you want to learn more about Facebook Ad targeting, check out the Ultimate Guide To Facebook Ad Targeting.

Possible Problem – Your Ad Image Isn’t Attention Grabbing

The purpose of your ad image is to capture the person’s attention and to get them to stop scrolling through their news feed and read your ad.

You need to have an image that grabs their attention. Take a look through your news feed, what images grab your attention?

Here are some good examples:

facebook ad image examples

Possible Problem – Your Ad Copy Isn’t Compelling

The purpose of the ad image is to get the person to stop and read your ad, but the purpose of the ad copy is to get them to CLICK on your ad.

If your ad copy doesn’t connect with them and clearly describe the benefit (for them) of your offer then you probably aren’t going to get the click.

Remember people need a reason to click, you are interrupting them from catching up with their family and friends on Facebook.

Here is an example of some good ad copy:

facebook ad copy example

Situation #3 – Are you getting conversions?

Ok, so now you know people are seeing your ad and they are clicking through to your website or landing page…. BUT are they converting to a lead or sale?

To see the conversions for your ad, look at the ‘Results’ column.

conversion results

If you are getting a lot of link clicks but few conversions then this usually indicates a problem with your landing page.

Possible Problem – Your Landing Page Isn’t Mobile Friendly

The majority of people on Facebook are using Facebook from their phones. If you are serving your ads to mobile users, make sure your landing page (and entire checkout process) is mobile optimized.

Possible Problem – Your Ad and Landing Page Aren’t Aligned

If there is a disconnect between your ad and your landing page then this can often lead to confusion and not the end result you were hoping for.

Your ad copy, image and offer need to be the same (or very similar) from your ad to your landing page. Your goal should be to make your landing page just and extension of your ad.

See how this one looks? There is a very smooth transition from the ad to the landing page.

facebook ad and landing page example

Possible Problem – Your Offer

The most important factor in the success of your ad campaign is not the ad copy, image or even targeting… it is your offer.

You want an offer that speaks to your target audience and solves a problem they are having. Think about the #1 problem your ideal customer is having and then create an offer that solves it.

Your Turn

So which of these problems were you struggling with and what did you do to correct it? Comment below and let me know.