Have you heard of Facebook Ads? Have you ever considered using Facebook Ads?

Even if you are already using ads on Facebook, many business owners still don’t understand all the different ways Facebook Ads can be used to promote their business.

Here are some reasons and ways you should be using Facebook Ads to grow your business.

They Are Cheap

If used correctly, Facebook Ads can be ridiculously cheap.

Let’s say you sell Yoga mats. An ad in Yoga Journal magazine would cost you thousands. Yet you can target their fans for only .20-.42 per click!

facebook advertising costs

Crazy Specific Targeting

There is no other ad platform where you can drill down and target as specifically as you can on Facebook. You see Facebook has all the data and knows what every person on Facebook like/dislikes as well as all their demographic data. On Facebook you can target by:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Relationship Status
  • Interests
  • Language
  • Education
  • Workplaces

Think of the wedding photographer, he or she can target engaged women within ‘x’ miles of their city.

facebook ad targeting engaged women

How about the local bar that could target fans of a cities favorite football team.

How about targeting the fans of your competitors fan page!

The possibilities are endless!

Social Proof

Imagine a potential customer saw your ad and then also saw some of their friends also like your business, that is social proof. You are getting free endorsements from your potential customers nearest and dearest friends.

This is all possible via a Sponsored Story ad.

facebook sponsored like ad

Target Fans of Your Competitors

That is right, you can specifically run your add to the fans of your competitors page (assuming their fan-base is large enough). This is really powerful.

targeting fans of your competition

Target Your Fans Only

You can easily and cheaply run an ad to only the fans of your page. Great way to announce a new product/service or run a fan only sale.

Target Your Email List

Do you have an email list of your customers? You can import that list into Facebook and run ads directly to those people. You can do this from within Facebook’s Power Editor.

This is a great way to get your customers to become your fans who are not yet your fans.

creating a facebook custom audience

Promote a Facebook Offer

Facebook offers are a great way to run a special sale or promotion and you can promote that offer using Facebook Ads to get it seen by more potential customers.

facebook offers

Boost a Post

Statistics show only about 16% of your fans see your posts.

You can promote some of your key posts with an ad to get them seen by more of your fanbase.

Don’t use the Boost Post option to promote a post. Create a Promoted Post ad (from the Facebook ads dashboard) as you can target your ideal audience much more precisely and save wasting money.

Collect Leads / Get More Fans

Setup an ad to send the visitor to a custom tab on your Facebook page (instead of the default TimeLine).

Use your custom tab to offer something for free in exchange for their email or them liking and becoming a fan of your page.

like gate example


Facebook now allows re-targeting. What this means is that you can specifically target people who visit your website but are not fans of your Facebook page.

Have you ever seen one of those ads that seem to follow you all over the web? That is re-targeting!

Conversion Tracking

Social media ROI (return on investment) can sometimes be a hard thing to measure. How much is your social media presence really paying off?

Adding conversion tracking to your Facebook ads is a great way to really see what kind of ROI you are getting.

You can use conversion tracking to track such things as sales, leads (email sign-ups), or likes.

Now it is your turn.

Share below some ways you use Facebook ads or let me know which one of these strategies you will be trying out.