[Case Study] How My Wife Generated 421 Subscribers With Facebook Ads

how my wife generated 421 email subscribers with facebook ads

Recently my wife ran one of her 21 Day Green Smoothie Challenges. Challenges are a great way to build your email list because when done right, the participants are getting some really good value out of it.

We used Facebook ads to find most of the participants for the challenge. This case study is going to illustrate how you can use Facebook Ads to build your list by putting your offer in front of the right people.

The Goal

For this case study, the client (my wife :-)) wanted to fill her challenge and get email leads for people who were into or wanted to get healthy, eat better and lose weight.

The Offer

We were promoting a 21 Day Green Smoothie Challenge. The idea was to attract people who wanted to get healthy and lose weight by giving them something simple to do each day… just drink one green smoothie. They would get weekly recipes and shopping lists to make it super easy for them.

The Targeting

Warm Audiences

We already had some people familiar with her brand, so we started with these:

  • Facebook page fans
  • existing email subscribers
  • lookalike audience from email subscribers
  • lookalike audience from Facebook page fans

Cold Audiences

I used audience insights to find other Facebook pages and interests to target based on people who were already interested in green smoothies, raw food and clean eating.

related interests by category

related interests

The Landing Page

We used LeadPages to create a simple lead generation page.

green smoothie challenge lead page


The Ad Campaign

Campaign Objective

We created an ad campaign with the objective of “website conversions”.

campaign optimized for website conversions

The Ad Sets

We used the demographic data from audience insights to narrow in on the age range and gender. As you can see, Facebook is telling us (from their very own data) that people who are interested in green smoothies and 92% female and 75% are between the ages of 35-64.

Make sure you use audience insights, this type of research data is priceless.

targeting demographic research

We decided to target females between the ages of 35-60 who live in the US, United Kingdom, Canada, or Australia.

demographic targeting

We decided to create many ad sets for this campaign so that we could see which different targeting groups converted the best. We did however keep the demographic targeting the same for all ad sets.

We created different ad sets to target the following:

  • Facebook page fans
  • Friends of Facebook page fans
  • email list subscribers
  • a lookalike audience based on an existing email list
  • a lookalike audience based on Facebook page fans
  • fans of the Facebook page Fully Raw
  • fans of the Facebook page Kris Car
  • fans of the Facebook page Mind Body Green
  • fans of the Facebook page Green Smoothie Girl
  • fans of the Facebook page 100 days of real food
  • fans of the Facebook page Blender Girl
  • fans of the Facebook page Dr. Mercola
  • fans of the Facebook page Dr. Josh Axe
  • fans of the Facebook page Coconut Mama
  • fans of the Facebook page doTERRA
  • fans of the Facebook page Wellness Mama

We initially set all ad sets to run ads in the desktop and mobile news feeds only.

ad set placements

We also set the conversion window to one day, meaning someone had to subscribe within one day of clicking on the ad for it to be counted as a conversion.

ad set optimization

The Ad

For all ad groups we tested two different versions of the ad (same ad copy, different ad image).

Ad Version #1

ad version 1

Ad Version 2

ad version 2

The Results

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[Case Study] – How To Get Cheap Targeted Likes For a Facebook Page

case study how to get page likesOne of the biggest questions I hear is how do I get more people following my Facebook page?

If you don’t already have a following somewhere else, it can be difficult when starting a brand new Facebook page to get any real traction.

In this case study, you are going to see how we got very targeted new likes at a very low cost for my wife’s Facebook page TheGreenYogini.

The Goal

To build an initial following for a new Facebook page.

Many times when creating a new Facebook page, you may not have an existing following to promote this page to. So the best way to build up an initial following is to run a “page likes” campaign.

Now with the rapid decline in Facebook page reach, many may question why pay for new likes for Facebook pages?

There are still some important reasons why you want to grow your fans for your Facebook page:

  1. “Social Proof” – Believe it or not you will be taken more seriously as a business if you have at least 500-1,000 fans
  2. It is much cheaper to run Facebook ads to your fans versus non-fans, plus these fans will already be somewhat familiar with your brand
  3. When you have fans, you can create Facebook lookalike audiences to target with ads and also run ads to friends of your fans.

The Targeting

For the purposes of this page, we wanted to attract people who were into green smoothies, whole foods, or raw foods. So we used Audience Insights to help build a list of other Facebook pages and interests related to these core interests.

The Ad Campaign

Campaign Objective

We created an ad campaign with the objective of “promote your page”.

The Ad Sets

We created only one Ad Set with a daily budget of $5 and targeting:

  • Location
    • People who live in Australia, United Kingdom or the United States
  • Age
    • 20 – 65+
  • Interests
    • whole food
    • Green Smoothie Girl
    • Green Smoothies
    • Raw Foodism
    • Victoria Boutenko
    • Vitamix
    • Vita-Mix Recipes

We also excluded any existing fans so we weren’t showing our ad to people who already liked our page.

ad targeting

The Ad

We used the ad to further explain what the Facebook page is all about.

page like ad

The Results

So this particular campaign generated 303 new page likes at an average cost of $0.10 per like.

page like ad results

Why It Worked

We used audience insights to find other related high quality interests our ideal target audience would be following to target.

We combined all these interests into one ad set to give Facebook a large enough potential audience to allow their algorithm to automatically find the most likes for the lowest price. Remember when your campaign objective is “promote my page” Facebook is going to optimize for that action and put your ad in front of those people most likely to “like” your page.

We examined the metrics after allowing the ad to runs for a day or two and made adjustments. We discovered the cost-per-like was much higher for desktop ads versus mobile ads, so we stopped running the ad on desktop.

breakdown stats by placement

Key Takeaways

  • Use Facebook’s Audience Insights to find highly related pages/interests to target.
  • Check your ad stats to see if certain genders, ages, locations, ad placements or interests are costing you more per like than others.
  • Ads are the quickest way to quickly grow your page following with targeted followers.

Your Turn

Comment below and let me know what you think of using Facebook ads to grow your pages following. Also, feel free to ask any questions you may have regarding this Facebook ads case study.

[Case Study] 538 New Email Subscribers with Facebook Ads

facebook ads case study list buildingWhen running ads on Facebook, new advertisers often have the desire to get the cheapest leads possible. You may have seen other Facebook ads something like “How I get $0.01 clicks”.

However, you really don’t want the cheapest leads possible. You want highly target leads at the best price.

When we target warm audiences (our recent website visitors or our email list) it is often very easy to generate a low cost-per-lead because these audiences have already been exposed to us and know, like and trust us.

In this case study, you are going to see how we got very targeted leads from cold audiences at a very low cost-per-lead.

When trying to lower the cost-per-lead, people often focus on the ad image or copy. However one of the most important factors is really the offer.

Your offer is really going to dictate how successful your ad is. Think about it, if you were selling water in the middle of the desert, would you really need a great ad image or copy?

This case study is going to illustrate when you put the right offer in front of the right market you will get great results.

The Goal

For this case study, the client (my wife :-)) wanted to generate email leads for people who were into using essential oils.

The Offer

The question we asked ourselves was what would people that use essentials oils most be interested in that we could give them in the form of a lead magnet (short report, video or cheat sheet)?

Well, one of the most common ways to use essential oils if to diffuse them and when you diffuse them you often use more than one oil. So we decided to create a giveaway “50 Essential Oil Diffuser Blends”.

50 essential oil diffuser blends

Again this is something that only someone who uses (or wants) to use essential oils would be interested in and those that do use essential oils are always looking for new blends to try.

The Targeting

Simple, we didn’t have any warm audiences we went after the general interest of “essential oils”.

Now we could have targeted various distributors (like doTERRA or Young Living) but due to a low ad budget, we decided to just start with this one general interest.

Turned out this one interest performed so well, we never tried targeting any other interests.

The Landing Page

We used LeadPages to create a simple lead generation page. Again due to our specific targeting and nature of our lead magnet, it didn’t need much additional explanation as to what they would get.

example optin page

The Ad Campaign

Campaign Objective

We created an ad campaign with the objective of “website conversions”.

campaign optimized for website conversions

The Ad Sets

We created only one Ad Set with a daily budget of $5 and targeting:

  • women in the United States
  • Age between 31-65+
  • who like “essential oils”

ad set targeting

The Ad

Again, due to the low ad budget, we only tested one version of the ad. I almost always advocated split testing at least two different versions of the ad, but again we were generating great results so we never even attempted trying a different ad.

sample ad

The Results

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Ultimate Guide To Facebook Ad Targeting

Ultimate Guide To Facebook Ad Targeting
Is your target audience on Facebook?

Of course they are… There are tons (in fact billions) of people on Facebook.

That means not only is your ideal customer is on Facebook, but also all the WRONG people who are not your ideal customer are also on there.

The biggest mistake is to pay to have your ads shown to people who would most likely never be interested in your service or product.

Remember… Not everyone is your ideal customer!

Success with advertising, or any marketing, comes with putting your offer in front of the right people. The exact people who are most likely to take the action you are wanting them to take form your ad.

Luckily. with Facebook Ads this is possible like never before with any other advertising platform.

With Facebook Ads you can precisely target your ideal audience with incredible accuracy.

Want to target “women between the ages of 35-45, who live in Orlando FL, who like Yoga Journal Magazine, are married and have a household income over 150,000”? With Facebook Ads you can.

In this post, you are going to learn about all the ad targeting options so that you can precisely find and target your ideal audience on Facebook.

Facebook Ad Targeting Overview

Currently there are 8 different targeting categories to work with when creating an ad.

  • Custom Audiences – These are custom audiences you create based upon your customer emails, customer phone numbers, or recent website visitors.
  • Location – Target by zip code, city, county, state, or country.
  • Age – – Target by a specific age range.
  • Gender – Target by a specific gender.
  • Languages– Target by a specific language.
  • Demographics – Allows you to target by income, job title, employer name, language, relationship status, education, financial, home ownership, parental status, etc.
  • Detailed Targeting – Here you can target by either interests or behaviors.
    • Demographics – Target by education level, financial, home ownership, life events, politics, relationship, work, etc.)
    • Interests – Target fans of other Facebook pages, celebrities, brands, and most topics you can think of.
    • Behaviors – Target by charitable activities, online shopping habits, car shopping, financial spending, mobile devices, travel habits, etc.
  • Connections – Target (or exclude) people connected to your page, app, or event

Here’s how these different targeting options appear when creating an ad.

facebook ad targeting options

Alright, now that you have a general overview of the different options, let’s talk about how they work together and then go into more detail about each one.

How Targeting Blends Together

One thing to keep in mind when building your targeting is that each section is combined with “AND” conditions.

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How To Troubleshoot Your Facebook Ads In 3 Easy Steps

How To Troubleshoot Your Facebook Ads In 3 Easy Steps
Are you not quite getting the results you were hoping for from with your Facebook ad? Maybe your ad isn’t getting shown as much as you would like or maybe you are paying more per click than you had hoped for?

This post will help you analyze your ad and determine exactly what the issue is and how to fix it.

Note: In order to be able to truly analyze your ad, you will need to be tracking conversions. If you don’t know how to track conversions, check out my blog post The Ultimate Guide To The Facebook Pixel.

Key Metrics To Review

Impressions – “Is my ad actually being shown”

This stat will tell you if and how often your ad is being shown. You don’t really care so much about how many impressions or the cost of an impression but rather just that your ad is getting shown to people.

Clicks – “There is some interest in my offer”

This is an indication that people are actually interested in your offer and want to learn more. Again you are just looking to see that there are clicks and you are not so concerned with how many or the cost-per-click.

Conversions (opt-ins, registrations, or purchases) – “The stat that REALLY matters”

This is the real stat that matters because this indicates that someone saw your ad, was interested enough to click your ad and your message convinced them to opt-in or purchase what you were offering.

Let’s Analyze

Follow the simple 3 steps below to determine where the issue is with your ad and how to fix it read more…

7 Facebook Ad Templates That Work

7 Facebook Ad Templates That Work

When it comes to Facebook Advertising there sure are a lot of choices. Between the different ad types and targeting options it can easily feel overwhelming at times.

There are however some key ads and audiences you should be running and targeting to get the best results from your ad campaigns.

In this post, I share with with 5 awesome Facebook ads you should be running and exactly which audiences you should be targeting.

7 Facebook Ad Templates That Work

#1 – Build Your Brand with The “Like” Ad

This is a great low cost way to continually be growing your brand and following.

Tell them what to do or give them a compelling reason why to like your page.

facebook like ad
Why It Works: You are guiding them to take action or giving them a compelling reason to like your page.

Who to Target: Website Custom Audience, Website Lookalike audience, email list custom audience, email list Lookalike audience. Also, target precise interests.

#2 – Build Up Your Warm Audience The “Video” Ad

Video is huge on Facebook right now. Whether it is traditional video or a “Facebook Live”, promoting your videos is a create way to build an audience of people who watch your video. You can then retarget that audience later with other ads to get the to join your email list or buy your products/services.

kay jewelers video ad

Why It Works: Video are a great way to give value and let new people know about you and your brand. Also, Facebook will automatically build a custom audience for you of people who watch your videos.

Who to Target: Website Custom Audience, Website Lookalike audience, email list custom audience, email list Lookalike audience. Also, target precise interests.

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9 Audiences To Target Using Facebook Ads

9 audiences to target with facebook ads
Facebook Ads give you a multitude of targeting options. At times it can be confusing and overwhelming as to which audiences you should be using as targets for your ads.

In this post I want to share with you 9 effective audiences to target with your ads to generate fantastic results.

#1 All Website Visitors

People who have recently visited your website are some of the most targeted people you can target. In order to target recent website visitors you will need to install a website custom audience pixel on your website, you can learn how to do that in this post here.

When creating a website custom audience, you will need to decide on an audience duration. If you choose a duration of 30 days, this means your audience will contain all website visitors in the last 30 days.

website custom audience creation

The duration can be anywhere from 1-180 days. Consider your website traffic when deciding on your duration. If you get a lot of website traffic, you may want to use a smaller duration. However if your website is currently not getting a lot of visits, you will want to use the max 180 days so that you build a large enough audience to target.

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How to Create a Facebook Ad Using the Power Editor

how to create an ad with power editorIf you are currently running Facebook Ad campaigns, I would strongly encourage you to start creating your ads with Facebook’s Power Editor.

For months even I refused to use the Power Editor. Personally I found it to be a bit clunky and honestly the user interface could be a bit better.

However, there are several key advantages you get when creating your ads with the Power Editor. I now use the Power Editor to create each and every one of my ads.

In this post, I will show you just how easy it is to create your first ad with the Power Editor.

How To Access The Power Editor

In order to use the Power Editor, you will need to use the Chrome or Safari browser. Start by going to your ads manager https://www.facebook.com/ads/manage and click on Power Editor from the left side navigation. read more…

Facebook Power Editor – 5 Reasons You Should Use It

5 reasons to use the facebook power editorStop using the Facebook Ad Self Service Ad creation tool (Ads Manager) and start use Power Editor to create all your ads.

If you are not using Facebook’s Power Editor then you are missing out on taking advantage of the true power of Facebook advertising.

Here are 5 reasons why you should start using the Power Editor for your ad creation.

1. Ad Text Length Limitations

Here is an ad that I setup using Power Editor

fb ad created with power editor


When I tried to create the same ad in Ads Manager, here is what happened read more…

5 Reasons To Attend Social Media Marketing World

social media marketing worldI just got back from Social Media Marketing World 2015 in sunny San Diego. This was my first year going and I had heard so many good things about this event that I wondered if it could possibly live up to my expectations.

Steven StromickWell it definitely did and I will undoubtedly be back again.

Michael Stelzner and Social Media Examiner do a fantastic job putting on this event. It is on the pricier side for events, but it is the “Four Seasons” of marketing conferences.

After attending this event, I wanted to share with you 5 reasons why I think you should attend Social Media Marketing World

#1 – Quality, Quality, Quality

Everything about this event is top-notch. You can tell they put a lot of thought into every single minute of this event. From the early morning networking walks, to the presentations, to the evening events… everything is well structured and top quality. They also have lots of support staff to ensure you can easily find someone if you need some help or directions.

#2 – The Networking

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