Ultimate Twitter Marketing Guide

ultimate twitter marketing guideHow To Grow Your Business with Twitter

Can Twitter really be used to bring in more leads and sales for your business?

Yes but only if you are strategic about how you use it. It is possible to spend about 10 minutes a day strategically posting and connecting with others on Twitter to leverage Twitter and grow your business.

Keep reading to learn how to best use Twitter to market your brand or product.

Twitter Basics

What is a Tweet?

A Tweet is a message you post on Twitter, it must be 140 characters or less and can contain text, photos, links and videos. All tweets are public and searchable by anyone on Twitter.
twitter tweets

Following and Followers

When you find someone interesting on Twitter and you click the “follow” button on their profile, that means that every tweet they make will show up in your feed. You can follow anyone on Twitter and even if they don’t follow you back, you can still see all their updates. Your “following” number is a count of all the people you are following.

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7 Reasons To Use WordPress To Build Your Website

7 reasons to use wordpress to build your websiteWhen it comes to creating your website, there are lots of free and paid solutions to choose from. Which one is the best?

In this post I am going to share with you the 7 reasons you should build your website with WordPress.

You may have heard of WordPress before, it was originally developed as a blogging platform. However you can use WordPress for much more than just a blog.

In fact a recent survey showed WordPress powers 23.4% of  all websites on the internet. WordPress can be used to build blogs, corporate websites, eCommerce websites, and much more. It has been used by Oprah, CNN, the NY Times and many small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Here are 7 reasons why you should build your website on WordPress.

#1 WordPress is Free

The days of having to pay hundreds and thousands of dollars for a good looking website design are gone. WordPress is free software, you can download it, install it and use it to build your website completely for free.

To run WordPress, all you need is a domain name and hosting. If you are just getting started, I recommend you use BlueHost for your hosting as you will save 50% as well as get your domain name for free.

#2 WordPress Is Easy to Learn and Use

You don’t need to know any HTML, CSS or Javascript to build a great looking website with WordPress. All you need is an internet connection to design, build and mange your website.

WordPress uses a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor, so adding content to your site is very similar to using your favorite word processor or email program.

Since WordPress is used by millions, there are tons of great learning videos all over the internet if you need some help.

#3 Thousands of Beautiful and Professional Themes

WordPress is a CMS (content management system), this means the content of your website is stored separate from the design of your site. This make it very easy for you to easily and quickly change the look of your site.

In fact WordPress already has thousands of professionally designed themes (free and paid) you can choose from. Simply find one you like, install it and you will have a completely different look to your site. You can easily change themes without having to worry about making modifications to your content.

Many WordPress themes are also easy to customize because they come with their own option panel giving you the ability to easily change colors, upload logos, change backgrounds, create beautiful sliders, and other cool things without ever needing to write any code. read more…

Facebook Ads Relevance Score – What You Need To Know

Facebook Relevance ScoreHave you ever wondered why some of your ads are shown more than others, why some seem to perform better for lower costs than others. In the past you really never had a good idea as to how relevant your ads were to your target audience.

Facebook has now provided a way you can get a better idea as to whether or not your ads are actually relevant to your target audience.

Facebook has recently rolled out relevance scores for ads and they are now giving your ad a relevancy score that you can see.

In this post, I will discuss what you need to know about relevancy scores and how to use them to get better results from your ads.

What Exactly Is A Relevance Score?

This is simply a score from 1 (least relevant) to 10 (most relevant) that Facebook calculates based on positive and negative feedback from user interactions with your ad.

Why there are other reasons as to why one ad may be performing better than others (image, ad copy, etc.), this new relevancy score will give you an idea as to how relevant Facebook and their users think your ad is.

How Is Relevance Score Calculated?

Facebook will calculate an ads relevance score in real-time, but currently requires an ad to get at least 500 impressions per day.

Facebook will give your ad a relevance score from 1 (least relevant) to 10 (most relevant) based on the positive (and negative) feedback your ad receives.

What is Positive Feedback? read more…

10 Social Media Tools That Will Save You Tons Of Time

10 time saving social media toolsSometimes it may seem like social media can be a huge time suck. I am always looking for tools that will help me to be more efficient and save time.

In this post, I have listed 10 Social Media tools that will save you tons of time.

Quill Engage – This free tool will connect with your Google Analytics and send you a weekly summary of your Google Analytics data. The best part is that it turns all those numbers and stats into a word friendly sentences you can easily understand.

Post Planner – This tools makes it super easy for you to schedule your Facebook posts as well as discover new and popular content to post. It gives you access to an entire list of status ideas, access to the most viral posts on Facebook and insights on trending content based on your industry.

Edgar – The smart scheduling tool. What make this social media scheduling tool different from all the rest is that it allows you to recycle “evergreen” content so it will automatically post again in the future. No more having to go back and enter the same posts again and again every month.

BuzzSumo – A great tool to find find top blogs, influencers and topics based on any keyword or phrase. This tool makes it easy to find the most shared blog posts on a given topic. Use it for inspiration to generate post ideas for your future posts.

TabSite – Makes it super easy for you to manage custom aps and promotions on your Facebook page or website. With this tool, you can easily offer coupons, run contests or Groupon-like deals.

Canva – Not a graphics designer, no problem. This free tool makes it super simple to create stunning graphics.

Buffer – This super handy tool allows you to create a “buffer” of posts and then select when and how often per day you want Buffer to post them to your social networks. Found some great content while your browsing the web that you know your fans would love, simply add it to your buffer and it will automatically be sent out according to your buffer schedule.

Likealyzer – A handy free tool that will analyze your page and give you actionable tips for increasing your likes, engagement, and let you know which types of posts your fans like the best.

Social Mention – A great tool to monitor keywords and hashtags across multiple social networks. Use it to monitor mentions of your brand or custom hashtags.

ManageFlitter – A free tool for Twitter that allows you to easily find new people to follow and unfollow those who do not follow you. The paid version of this tool has some great automation features you can use to manage and grow your following.

Topsy – A powerful Twitter search tool that will help you find influencers and popular content on Twitter.

Looking for even more great tools, check out this post from the Buffer Blog

Now it’s your turn

Comment below and let me know what some of your favorite time-saving social media tools are!

How To Track Conversions With Facebook Ads

How to use Facebook Conversion TrackingAre you measuring the effectiveness of your Facebook ads? Do you know which ad targeting or ad image is bringing you the best results.

The biggest mistake I see made with Facebook ads is not using conversion tracking with Facebook ads.

In this article, I will show you exactly what conversion tracking is, how and why you should be using it with your Facebook ads.

What Exactly Is Conversion Tracking?

First you need to understand exactly what is a conversion and this could be any number of things depending on what you are using Facebook ads for. But in general a conversion is when a user performs the end action you desired after they clicked your add.

For example: Let’s say you have a free videos series and you are running Facebook ads to get people to sign up for the free video series. A conversion would occur when someone signs up for your free video series after they had clicked on your ad.

Here are some examples of what a conversion could be:

  • someone signs up for your email newsletter
  • someone signs up for your free report or video series
  • someone buys your product
  • someone signs up for your event or webinar

The point is that you decide what a conversion is and you tell Facebook to track when that action has been completed.

Why Should You Use Conversion Tracking?

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Website Custom Audiences – What You Need To Know

website custom audiencesWebsite Custom Audiences are one of Facebook’s most powerful ad features, yet many businesses don’t know what they are or how to take advantage of them.

In this post, I want you to learn:

  • What are Website Custom Audiences
  • Why you should be using them
  • Biggest mistake people make with Website Custom Audiences
  • How to create a Website Custom Audience
  • How to create an ad using a Website Custom Audience
  • 3 ways you could use Website Custom Audiences

What Are Website Custom Audiences?

These are basically a custom list of people who have recently visited your website or a page on your website. Facebook allows you to target an ad or ads to this specific group.

So why is this so great?

This is great because it allows you to target a very specific group of individuals that are very targeted as they have recently visited your website.

This is yet another way Facebook allows you to target an extremely relevant audience. Previously you could target your fans, then Facebook allowed you to target your email subscribers and now Facebook allows you to target your website visitors.

What’s more is that you can target visitors to a specific page, so maybe those who checked out your product/service but did not buy (more on this later). read more…

How To Create a Website Custom Audience

how to create website custom audienceDid you know you can tell Facebook to create a custom audience of anyone who visits your website or even a particular page on your website?

Have you ever been researching a particular product and then seen ads for that very same product while you are on Facebook? That is possible because of a website custom audience.

One of the biggest mistakes I see business owners making with Facebook is not targeting their website traffic. This is some of they most targeted traffic you have. These people have already visited your website, they have already been exposed (somewhat) to you or your company.

Important: Even though you may not be ready to start targeting (with ads) people in your website custom audience, it is critical that you at least start building it now because it takes time. Website Custom Audiences are built incrementally by people visiting your website. Start building yours today so that it is ready when you want to use it.

In this post, I will show you how to get started using website custom audiences.

What is a website Custom Audience

This is a custom Facebook audience built from people who visit your website or a particular page on your website. This require you to place a small piece of tracking code on every page of your website.

How to Create a Website Custom Audience

Go to the Facebook Ad Manager https://www.facebook.com/ads/manage

Click on Audiences in the left-side menu and then click the Create Audience button and select Custom Audience read more…

Ultimate Guide To Facebook Ad Reporting

facebook ad reportsIf you are running Facebook Ads then one of the most important tools you can use (but probably aren’t) are Facebook Ad Reports.

This free tool can give you important insight into how your ads are performing and areas for improvement.

In this article, I will show you how you can start taking advantage of this useful tool to analyze your advertising.

What Custom Ad Reports Are?

A free reporting tool from Facebook allows you to see how your ads are performing by age group, country and placement without the need to split-test. You can also use these reports to evaluate your ads performance based on action metrics (page likes, conversion, etc).

How to Use Facebook Ad Reports

Go to http://facebook.com/ads/manage/reporting.php to access your reports or you can click on “reports” from within the Facebook Ads Manager.

access facebook custom reports

You should see something like this, there will be three main sections

  • Current Report
  • Report Settings
  • Report Data

custom ad reports dashboard

The report data section will show you standard ad metrics for any campaigns that ran during the reporting period.ad report data

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The Power of Facebook Lookalike Audiences

lookalike audiencesFacebook Custom Audiences are one of my secret weapons when it comes to Facebook Advertising.

In this post I want to share with you some examples from a recent Facebook Campaign I ran showing you just how effective Facebook Lookalike Audiences can be.

What is a Facebook Lookalike Audience

We all know the enormous amount of data that Facebook has about us. In fact Facebook probably has a better understanding of what you and your friends like than you do. While to some this may seem “creepy”, as an advertiser you can use this to your advantage.

Facebook can use the vast amount of data to create a Lookalike audience (an audience with very similar interests) from any one of your custom audiences. So you can create a Lookalike audience from your fans, your email subscribers, or even you website visitors.

This is the easiest way for you to put your ad in front of your most ideal prospects.

If you don’t already know how to create a Lookalike Audience, check out this blog post. read more…

How To Create A Lookalike Audience

how to create a facebook lookalike audienceWould you like to target other people on Facebook who are very similar and have the same interests as your fans, your email subscribers or website visitors?

Well, believe it or not Facebook gives you that exact opportunity.

In this post, I will show you how to use Facebook Lookalike audiences to do just that.

What is a Lookalike Audience?

A lookalike audience is a custom audience created by Facebook with people who are very similar to another given audience you have (i.e. your fans, your email subscribers, your website visitors, etc.).

We all know the enormous amount of data that Facebook has about us. In fact Facebook probably has a better understanding of what you and your friends like than you do. While to some this may seem “creepy”, as an advertiser you can use this to your advantage.

Why should you use a Lookalike Audience

To be blunt, the simple fact is that with all the data Facebook has, they can better predict who your ideal prospects would be than you.

Of course this is assuming your initial audience is composed of you ideal prospects. In other words if your fan page has a bunch of likes from people you don’t consider your ideal prospect then a lookalike audience probably will not be all that great.

However, if you build your fanbase by attracting quality prospects then a Lookalike audience will contain even more quality prospects.

How to create a lookalike audience

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