Many business owners claim they do not have enough time for Facebook.

But if you take advantage of some of the automation tools, you really don’t need to spend much time on Facebook if you don’t want to.

Facebook recently added its own post scheduling feature.

This was a very welcomed feature, because of Facebook EdgeRank algorithm and other issues, using third party scheduling tools like HootSuite or SocialOomph were less than desired options.

Let’s take a close look at Facebook scheduling feature.

First, I will give you the steps to schedule your posts and edit them.

#1: How to Schedule Your Posts

Just follow these steps to easily schedule a post:

  • First write your post, you can upload pictures, videos, include links, add tags, etc. as you would normally do when creating a post.

create facebook post

  • Click on the clock symbol in the lower-left corner of your post. You can now use the calendar to pick the day you want your post to post on and then enter the time for your post to go out.

schedule facebook post step 1


schedule facebook post step 2


schedule facebook post step 3

  • You can modify the language and location targeting in your posts. Just click on the Public icon and make the necessary adjustments.

sample facebook post

  • Once you have set everything, click the blue Schedule button. Done, you have just scheduled your first post!

schedule facebook post step 4

#2: How to Find and Edit Your Scheduled Posts

If you want to see what scheduled posts you have you will need to view your activity log. You can do this from your admin panel at the top of your page. From your admin panel, click Edit Page, and Activity Log. You should be able to view all of your scheduled posts.

how to access facebook user activity log

scheduled facebook posts

Unfortunately if you want to edit a scheduled post you are out of luck. Currently Facebook only allows you to change the scheduled date/time. Bummer, come on Facebook, let us edit the post! For now, you will have to delete it and schedule  it again.

If you want to change the scheduled date/time, mouse over the upper-right corner of the post in the activity log.

change date on scheduled post


#3: You Can’t Schedule Everything

Currently Facebook doesn’t allow you to schedule photo albums, posting of events, questions, offers and milestones.

#4: You Can Backdate Your Posts

You can schedule things in the past. You probably would never have a reason to do this, however you may want to fill in your timeline a bit with posts that appear they were posted in the past.

If you are posting about a significant event in the past (for example a Grand Opening), you would be better off to use a milestone post instead.

#5: Scheduled Posts are not “Punished” in Facebook

When you use a third party scheduling tool such as HootSuite or BufferApp, Facebook indicates what tool was used to publish that post. There has also been much debate about whether Facebook weighs those posts (from third-party tools) less and shows them less in the newsfeeds. Also, your posts are marked as being published by those third-party tools so the reader can tell that it was a scheduled post.

When you use Facebook’s scheduling tool it is seamless, nobody knows that it was scheduled and it is not marked as a post with a third-party scheduling tool would be.

Using a different tool to post to Facebook is not all bad. Sometimes it’s much better to save yourself a little time and get the post out with the tool you’re using rather than not post at all.

Now it’s your turn…

Let me know what you think of Facebook’s scheduling feature.