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How To Use Git – A Step By Step Guide

How To Use Git – A Step By Step Guide

If you are new to using Git, it may seem a bit overwhelming. Don’t worry this post will take you step-by-step through the basics of Git and creating your first repository. What is Git? Git is a version control system that keeps track of the changes made to…

a beginners guide to google analytics

How to Use Google Analytics: A Beginners Tutorial

So you have installed Google Analytics and now you are wondering… how do I use this ting? What do all these stats really mean? In the beginning Google Analytics can be a little intimidating. There are all kinds of stats and options and terms such as bounce rate….

How To Install Google Analytics On Your Blog

What is one of the first things you should do after getting your blog setup? Install Google Analytics of course! Google Analytics will allow you to see how many people are coming to your site, what content they are consuming most, how long they are staying and much…