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how to create a divi child theme

How To Create a Divi Child Theme

Have you ever updated your Divi theme only to discover some of the customizations you previously made are now gone? This is one of the reasons why you need your own child theme for your site. Having a child theme means your custom styling will not get lost…

10 Essential Divi tips

10 Essential Divi Tips

It is no secret, Divi is my favorite theme to use when building client sites. I love Divi because it is so easy and flexible. You can design just about any style of site you can imagine. However, sometimes there are certain things that just aren’t the easiest…

Divi-How To Align Buttons To The Bottom Row

How To Align Buttons To The Bottom of a Row

Have you ever noticed that when using buttons with the blurb or text modules with Divi that the buttons do not align nicely at the bottom? I find this so frustrating as it just looks sloppy. In this blog post, I will show you how you can use…