How To Use Your Domain Email Address With Gmail

How To Use Your Domain Email Address With Gmail

When it comes to email for your domain, there are typically two popular choices:

  • Create email accounts from within your hosting cPanel (free)
  • Use Google G Suite to handle your email ($5 per month)

The drawback with using email accounts created within your hosting cpanel is the web interfaces to access your email and not very good.

The plus of using Google’s G Suite is you can access all your email from the gmail interface. This is really nice. G Suite also gives you more email storage, shared calendars, sponsor (ad) free inboxes and more Google cloud storage.

But what if you don’t want all those extra features and you would just like to use gmail to access your domain email for free…. is that even possible.

Yes it is and this post will show you how to setup and configure your domain email address with gmail (for free).

When your business gets to the point where you need more of the features G Suite offers then I highly suggest you move to it, but for now if you are just getting started this is a more cost effective way to go.

How To Setup Your Domain Email With Gmail

For this blog post, I will be showing you screenshots from my SiteGround hosting account. SiteGround is the WordPress hosting solution I use and recommend. If you have a different host, you should still be able to follow along but the location of things may vary slightly.

Step #1 Create Your Domain Email Account

Log into your hosting accounts cpanel. For SiteGround users, log into your SiteGround dashboard then click on My Account then click the orange cPanel button.

access siteground cpanel

Now scroll down to the Mail section and click Email Accounts.

email accounts

Next, create your email address. If you are hosting multiple domains make sure you select the correct one from the drop down menu. Also, be sure to create a strong password. Once completed click on Create Account.

create an email account in cpanel

After creating your account, you should see it in the list of email accounts. Click More >> Configure Email Client.

email account list

Now either keep this page open or write down and save the SSL Settings, you will need this info in the next step.

secure ssl-tls settings

Step #2 Configure Your Gmail Account Account

Now it is time to configure you gmail account so that any emails sent to your new domain email will automatically get pulled into your existing gmail account and to make it so you can also send emails from your gmail with your new domain email address.

Here is how to do it.

Sign in to your Gmail Account and choose Settings, from the Settings tab.

access gmail settings

Go to Accounts and Import and under the section Check mail from other accounts choose Add a mail account.

gmail account mail settings

Enter your Email address (e.g. and click the Next button

add a mail account

Next you need to enter the following:

  • Your Username(e.g.
  • Your Password for the new email account you created
  • The POP Server and Port (what you recorded from step #1)
  • Make sure “Always use a secure connection …” is checked
  • You can check “Label incoming messages” if you want messages from this domain labeled in your inbox.

Finish by clicking on Add Account.

add an email account step 2

Next, you will be asked if you want the ability to send mail from your email address, go ahead and click Next if you want to set this up.

send mail setup step 1

Here you can set the name that will show in the “from” field when you send outgoing mails. Change this to what you want and click Next Step.

change from reply name

Next you need to enter the following:

  • SMTP Server and Port (what you recorded from step #1)
  • Your Username(e.g.
  • Your Password for the new email account you created
  • Make sure “Secured connection using SSL” is checked

Finish by clicking on Add Account.

smtp settings

Gmail will now send you a verification email with a code. Check your email and enter the code to verify your email and you are all done.

confirm verification of email address

Now you can receive and send emails using your new domain email address right from your gmail inbox.

Step #3 Test It All Out

Using another email address send a new email to your new domain email address and verify you receive it. Finally send an email from your new email address and verify it sent and was received.

All Done!

Yay, You did it!! Now it will be easier than even to check and send email from your new domain.

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